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For many families living with a cancer diagnosis, the financial cost of the disease can be a terrible burden.
Scott Harris Oliphant SHO Memorial Foundation

Scott Harris Oliphant – SHO

Raising Funds for Families

For nearly two decades, the Scott Harris Oliphant – SHO Foundation has actively sought out cancer patients needing financial assistance. Money raised at SHO events has helped pay for medicine, equipment, travel costs, living expenses, and treatments that would otherwise be unaffordable.

To date, the SHO Foundation has raised more than $1 million and benefited many dozens of families. We do all this in memory of our friend Scott Harris Oliphant. Scott wanted to help people; that was his nature and his character. He would be so proud of the impact SHO has had in the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Growth and Partnerships

SHO has grown significantly since it was started – in terms of volunteer support, fundraising abilities, and increasing recognition in the St. Louis community. We are thrilled to be at a point that families are seeking out SHO and requesting help for their loved ones!

Moving forward, we intend to respond to as many requests as we can, supporting each patient in ways that are meaningful to them. We will also continue to partner with incredible local organizations such as Haven House and others who service the cancer community. We anticipate increasing the impact of SHO – helping even more families as they overcome the many challenges of this terrible disease.

Scott’s Love Lives On

We are so grateful for your generosity and look forward to your continued involvement with SHO. Know that the foundation is operated with an all-volunteer board; expenses are minimal so we can make the greatest impact with your donations as possible. Your gifts directly help families focus on the most important part of life: caring for their loved ones. It is Scott’s love, living on through each of us every day, that makes all this possible!


Scott Harris Oliphant

Scott Harris Oliphant was born July 19, 1968 and died January 9, 2004, after a heroic battle against lung cancer.

Scott was a person devoted to his family, a teacher dedicated to his students and an admired friend who inspired us all to be better people. He was a man who lived with honor and grace throughout the course of his short life.

It is with great love and respect we remember Scott through the SHO Foundation.

Financial Documentation
As a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization, the Scott Harris Oliphant Memorial Foundation is committed to complete transparency. Please click the links below to review our documents.

If you have any questions about the documents provided above or on any financial dealings of the SHO Memorial Foundation, please contact Matt McLaughlin at 314-629-5383.