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Your financial and in-kind donations are greatly appreciated and directly help families dealing with cancer.

The 2021 SHO Golf Tournament will directly benefit the following recipients who face their own battle with cancer.

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The SHO Foundation will keep 25% of all direct donations for an operating fund to support our mission. These funds are dispersed to families in need throughout the year. SHO operates with little to no overhead; our board is comprised of 100% volunteers. We take great pride in making sure nearly every penny of each dollar donated goes towards our families and partners in need.

Maria Stevenson

Maria is a 25-year-old Interior Designer who, in September 2020, was diagnosed with Triple Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer.

One month prior to her diagnosis, she and her partner, Frank, bought their first home and were ready to take the next steps towards marriage and starting a family. But, as she learned the side effects of chemotherapy, she also learned that it could take away her ability to have children. The only way around this was fertility treatments prior to starting chemo. After much research, Maria decided to go with Ovary Harvesting, which allowed her to skip the hormone injections necessary for IVF, (which could have caused her cancer to grow).

Unfortunately, none of the fertility procedures were covered by her insurance plan.

Just days after moving into their new home, Maria had her first of six chemo treatments followed by a second lumpectomy. Three weeks of radiation followed the surgery, and Maria started a second round of chemo, which will continue to October 2021.

Following her chemo, Maria will be on medications for five years and, once that is complete, she will have surgery to re-insert her frozen ovary, with the hopes of being able to start a family.


John Pumphrey

John is a single dad of two growing high school boys who, at the end of 2020, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer of the bone marrow, which caused Stage 3 kidney failure. He started his treatment in January 2021 and has a long fight ahead of him.

Although there is no current cure for this type of cancer, John’s doctors are hopeful they have caught this early enough if he stays consistent with treatment – chemo and stem cell transplant can control it.

At the end of April 2021, John began a lengthy stay at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for heavy chemo and stem cell transplant. While John does have insurance, given this diagnosis and that his treatment spans over two different calendar years, the out of pocket expenses are double – and many things are not covered and have extremely high copay and coinsurance.

John is also a man of faith, so prayers for him and the boys (Jack 17 and Joe 15) are also appreciated.


Tina Hicks

Tina was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in 2007. CML is a type of blood cancer that causes the body to produce an increased number of the white blood cells that normally help fight infection. She has been on chemotherapy medication since she was diagnosed, and has been out of remission since 2015. If the medication stops working completely, the only alternative is to have a bone marrow transplant or immunotherapy. Both options are very costly.

Tina recently had to have her teeth pulled and get dentures due to the chemo meds deteriorating her bones. She will also have to have another hip replacement for the same reason.

Tina is sick a lot with her compromised immune system but, despite all her setbacks, she always puts others before herself. Tina is also a loving mother, sister, daughter, friend and fiancé. She enjoys spending time with family, having game nights, watching movies, supporting her daughter Emily at Missouri State, and hanging out with the family dog, Mia.

Ann Sudekum

Ann has been an active member of the SHO Foundation Board of Directors for many years. Her marketing background and tech savvy were instrumental in developing this website, as well as SHO’s social media and printed materials.

Little did she know that, one day, she herself would receive a cancer diagnosis and need the support of this organization.

In April 2021, Ann was diagnosed with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, a form of Uterine Cancer. Thankfully, it was caught early and considered a Stage 1 cancer. She then had a total hysterectomy in May. After all pathology tests were done, doctors determined Ann’s cancer was contained in her uterus and had not spread. So, she will not need any radiation nor chemotherapy treatments.

While Ann’s cancer diagnosis was not as extensive as others, she is still facing numerous medical costs. She will also need follow-up appointments over the next few years to make sure the cancer does not come back.

Ann is close friends with many of Scott Harris Oliphant’s classmates and is honored to serve an organization that helps so many families.



To date, SHO has raised more than $500,000 and benefited dozens of families. We do all this in memory of our friend, Scott Harris Oliphant – SHO, who always wanted to help people.



Make check payable to: Scott Harris Oliphant Foundation

Mail check to:
Matt McLaughlin
1114 Cheshire Lane
Webster Groves, MO 63119

Financial contributions are fully tax deductible thanks to our status as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


We are always looking for items for auction at our events – they are an excellent way to generate excitement and revenue for the great causes we support. If you have something you think would make a great auction item, no matter how large or how small, please contact us.

Connie Kroenung
Auction Item Coordinator

SHO Golf Invitational
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Want to help out with registration at an event? Take pictures for our photo galleries? Maybe you have other skills you’d like to contribute to our cause.

Connie Kroenung
Volunteer Coordinator

SHO Golf Invitational
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Our sponsors are a vital part of the success of our events and your support makes them possible. We encourage you to participate by being one of our valued supporters.

Sponsor Our Golf Tournament
Title Sponsor $7,500 16 golfers
16 reservations at dinner with 4 guests reserved table and preferred seating
18 hole signs
Large banner at main clubhouse area
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Platinum Sponsor $5,000 12 golfers
12 reservations at dinner
12 hole signs
Gold Sponsor $2,500 8 golfers
8 reservations at dinner
2 hole signs
Lunch Sponsor $2,500 Lunch signage
Announcements made throughout lunch
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Silver Sponsor $1,500 4 golfers
4 reservations at dinner
2 hole signs
Bronze Sponsor $750 4 reservations at dinner
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Eagle Sponsor $500 2 reservations at dinner
1 hole signs
Hole Sign $250 1 hole sign


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We are grateful for your generosity and look forward to your continued involvement with SHO.

Know that the foundation is operated with an all-volunteer board; expenses are minimal so we can make the greatest impact with your donations as possible.